Volume 1 Issue 32

deb y felio

It’s risky business with no guarantee
helping others, performing good deeds
leaving comforts of home and tradition
living with those in undesirable conditions

speaking against unethical practice
leading protests with cantus fractus
we shall overcome not always the outcome
but jailed and beaten and treated like scum

negative reviews and daily reportings
undermine the causes and attempt their aborting
but too long has the violence endured
no longer is safety anywhere insured

but too many stay hidden in sofas and chairs
announcing the problems really aren’t theirs
real heroes are scarce, courage is faint
an overabundance of those christened Saint Ain’t.


deb y felio is a witness poet exploring and writing on the mundane, the miraculous and the under-represented sides of historic and current issues. deb lives and writes in the hills of Boulder Colorado and is active in the Denver Lighthouse for Writers and the Stain’d Arts community. She is an ongoing contributor to Mercurial Stories, is published in multiple online sources and in the print anthologies Hay(na)ku ( Eileen Tabios, editor) and in Minnie’s Diary, A Southern Literary Review October 2018.

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