Volume 1 Issue 33: Trees

Why I Love

Tonika Reed

Trees live by water that the deer pants for. My soul aches to be free. Streams turn to pipes among the earth that smells like trees. Buried in concrete is the soul of a tree. Water. Confused pipes kill my vibe. I want to break. I want to be and break. I want to be free. No racist question. My tree has too many rings. My tree has turned confused pipes into streams. Left leaves from the pipes tangled in my hair. My body is a tree, but I am not. I am the earth- made of dust and belonging. Feed me water and I will live. My soul aches to be free. Trees. My hands have enough lines to spin circles around a tree. Patience. I am not a tree. Be and break. See and don’t take. We are the unseen tree. Falling. Forests don’t hear us. I hear you. We hear each other witness. The deer pants. We wither then we grow. We grow. We are a tree, and that is why I love.


Tonika Reed is a journalist, writer, and artist living in Los Angeles, California. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Integrated Media from Biola University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in English Literature at Chapman University.

Twitter: @TonikaReed

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