Volume 1 Issue 34: Dawn

The Sun is Rising
David Ritterskamp

The nights are long, the food is scarce

The foe is grim, the winter fierce

The thunder rolls, the skies are dark

Fear wraps itself around your hearts

Fear that this fight shall be your last

The foe is come, the die is cast

You struggle on, with souls untiring

But somewhere else, the sun is rising.

From far away you hear the sound

Where mighty hooves caress the ground

Look to your comrades and despair

If only those were friends out there.

You know this fight will be your last

The foe is here, the die is cast

You struggle on, alone, untiring

But somewhere near, the sun is rising.

The sound of horses, closer now

Look at your friends and wonder how

You’ll die surrounded by countless foes

At least you gave some time to those

You loved, to get them far away

That only you might die this day

You fight to the last, alone, untiring

But look you now! The sun is rising.

The sun shines now, as if to say

The morning of a brand new day

Brings with it hope, so rare a thing

And with it the sound of swords a-ring

From every sheath, from whence they lay

Bright in the dawn of this new day

Against all hope, your friends have come

Your foes go silent, as if struck dumb

And as they turn and run away

You blink back tears and face the day

Fought without hope, alone, untiring,

But for you, at last, the sun is rising.

born in 1970, diagnosed with Aspergers in 2005, medieval reenactor in the Society for Creative Anachronism since 1987, writer since about 1980, and all the hobbies merged.

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6 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 34: Dawn

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  1. Extremely delightful short!
    The grim n grave night scene of the hospital is described as beautifully as is the multi-hued dawn!


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