Volume 1 Issue 34: Dawn

Kira Writes

Dawn had been a very beautiful thing to witness in Twilight Town. The city was a realm in between worlds, where time lied still. The sky was eternally colored with a fiery mix of yellow, orange and red. The sun never shone too bright, the air was always refreshing, red hues were everywhere: the trees’ leaves were red yet never falling, the people wore either brown, red, orange or yellow clothes, and the air was always the perfect temperature.

Legends told that a powerful and cruel wizard stopped time in Twilight Town one day, simply because he had the power to do so, and because dawn was his favorite time of the day, but there was never enough light to do anything at this time, so twilight it was. He then killed all other mages who were remotely attached to him, and anyone who had enough power to reverse the spell was killed on sight – red eyes were a common feature among those powerful mages.

Legends, huh?

Astra loved living in this town. It was peaceful, people were always kind towards her, and she had the best of friends, a little dragon she named Dusk.

Dusk was the color of day going into night, from his yellowish tail to his jet-black head, and his red eyes – similar to Astra’s – were glowing with intelligence. He also had some white sparkles here and there, like stars in the sky, according to Astra’s books. She had never seen what night was actually like.

Nowadays, people weren’t unhappy. In fact, it was quite the contrary. They never questioned the world they lived in, never knew anything else, only stories. Nobody had red eyes in the city, or even seen someone with such eyes. Nobody would trouble the order in place.

And yet, Astra was still alive.

She was a baby when her grandpa took her in, and he loved her at first sight. He protected her his entire life, relentlessly telling her to always be careful who she would show her true eyes to. He was the village’s healer – one of the rare instances where magic was allowed, only in the most extreme cases, and practitioners were not powerful enough to do anything else – and taught her everything. At the age of 3, Astra knew how to walk, count and read, and she found it very funny to change her eyes’ color while looking at herself in the mirror. That’s how she blended in ever since, without any issues. Dusk was tolerated because he wasn’t human.

Until today, when she woke up, and gasped in horror when she saw her reflection in the mirror. She tried to change the color of her eyes again and again, with a helpless Dusk at her side.

Some people were unlucky enough to havered eyes. But dark blue ones…?

Kira Writes
is a teacher, writer and blogger. She creates short stories and flash fiction, and is in the process of writing her first book. She also writes about mental health, video games, teaching, travel, and likes to show off her photos.
All of this, because she aspires to make a difference to those who stopped seeing the beauty in this world.
Onwards to her writer’s den!

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6 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 34: Dawn

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  1. Extremely delightful short!
    The grim n grave night scene of the hospital is described as beautifully as is the multi-hued dawn!


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