Volume 1 Issue 34: Dawn

The Avowal
Debjani Mukherjee

Bina knows it has to be her. She knows this kind of girl very well. Coming from small towns, these girls are always in a hunt of rich lads to feed on, bloody parasites. Nikhil is a very innocent guy right from his childhood, very easy to be brainwashed. So many times Bina tried to warn him not to get influenced so easily but who cares to listen to their mother. This girl Kameya, she met her quite a few times. Bina didn’t like her at all. Always wearing hot pants and spaghetti tops as if no other dress exists on earth- disgusting. All filthy techniques to allure a boy and make him dance to her tune; Bina knows it all. 

These kinds of girls could never raise a family. A family needs a quality of binding together, respecting elders, sacrifices and this girl Kameya! She smokes cigarettes openly and never bothers to offer any gesture of respect. It’s not that she shows disrespect or anything but smoking openly!! Come on, you are a girl for God’s sake!! Bina absolutely despised her. Even Nikhil has the decency to not smoke in front of his parents and this shameless girl, God knows what kind of parents she has.

Bina drove the car faster she won’t let that bitch swallow her son so easily. After all, she is his mother, he can’t break her heart for a cheap girl like Kameya. Nikhil is the only successor of Khanna industries; no wonder that bitch is playing hard to win it all. But a cheap ho like her can’t be the daughter-in-law of the Khanna’s. She still remembers how her father-in-law fixed their marriage and she met her husband only after the engagement. And see this lusty girl here ready to live together, already boarding in his flat! But Nikhil’s mother is still alive so she has to go through her dead body to be the wife of Nikhil Khanna. Bloody whore.

Bina’s head has been throbbing since the kitty party. Mrs. Panchal’s words were still haunting her.
“Someone is staying with Nikhil in his flat now for months, Mrs. Khanna. I think you should look to the matter.”
Nikhil, her own Nikhil, didn’t even bother to tell her that he is staying with someone! It’s true that girls like Kameya won’t be accepted in their family but how could Nikhil stay with a horrible girl like her, letting the whole world know? Making fun of his family!

Reaching Nikhil’s apartment, she parked the car and bolted to the lift. She needs to stop this problem now, throw the filthy down-market girl out of Nikhil’s life. She pressed the doorbell a little longer. Nikhil opened the door and hugged her with a smile.
“Hi, Mom. What a surprise! But you could have called me to come and meet you. But I am happy to see you.” His voice was so warm that for a moment Bina couldn’t say anything but then she couldn’t just keep mum after hearing such big news from an outsider.

“Nikhil, where is Kameya?” She said with a voice of a thunder. 

“Who?” Nikhil seemed extremely surprised by the question. 

“Don’t act innocent, Nikhil. I know she is staying with you. That low-class girl, she hooked you and using you. From the very first day, I noticed her actions, she had clear intentions to catch you, Nikhil. Can’t you understand?” Bina said

 “Enough, Mom. Enough! How can you just make up all these things? When did you see Kameya hooking me? We are only friends.”

“Yeah, everyone says the same story: we are friends. I am not buying it, Nikhil. I know someone is staying with you and I know it’s her because she is the only girl who is close to you,” Bina said with utter irritation. She couldn’t handle the lie anymore. 

The doorbell rang. Bina sat up straight. She knew it must be Kameya. Now everything will be clear. Nikhil has to admit that they are living together and today she will make that shameless girl leave. What family these girls belong to, God knows! Bina noticed Nikhil was hesitating to go to open the door. She smiled to herself and said in a heavy voice “Should I open the door for you?”

Without giving any answer, Nikhil went to open the door. It was not Kameya, it was some other friend of Nikhil’s. Bina saw this boy once or twice but didn’t know his name. She got irritated to see this unexpected friend of Nikhil because now she can’t talk about what she came to talk about. She went to the bedroom of his son and called him in there.

She said, “See Nikhil, I know Kameya is staying with you. I will call that shameless girl tonight and tell her to leave this apartment at once. This is my final word.”

Just as Bina was about to storm out the room, Nikhil grabbed hold her hand and said, “Mom, you won’t call Kameya because she is not the one who is living with me. She is just my friend, maybe my best friend, the one who stands beside me through every up and down. The one who stays with me is the boy who is sitting in the living room, Mom. I wanted to tell you many times, Mom, but couldn’t. Today I will. I am gay, Mom. I like men.

Debjani Mukherjee
has an MBA in applied management and is also a poet and a writer. Her poems, short stories, and articles are published in several international anthologies and magazines.

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6 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 34: Dawn

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  1. Extremely delightful short!
    The grim n grave night scene of the hospital is described as beautifully as is the multi-hued dawn!


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