Volume 2 Issue 3

This is our first photo prompt but it will not be our last. I selected this one because it just says so much: a powerful emotion is captured but along with it, a stillness. Is he reacting to the newspaper before him or is he hoping the newspaper will distract him from something more disturbing outside of the frame? Or is he reacting to anything at all? Perhaps the sun is too bright, perhaps he is exhausted from taking care of his colicky grandson so his daughter could get some much-needed sleep.
So many story possibilities in this one picture, six of which are laid out with incredible creativity in this week’s issue.

(2) Lunch by Dawn DeBraal
(3) Trash by Kelli J Gavin
(4) Submerged Vanity by Henry Bladon
(5) In the cafe by Sunil Sharma
(6) Father’s Day by Michael Natt
(7) A Search by Debjani Mukherjee
(8) The Obituary by Mark Kodama
(9) The Other Side by Brandy Bonifas

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7 responses to “Volume 2 Issue 3”

  1. cascondaville Avatar

    “Lunch” pulled me in and left me so angry at the father!!

  2. cascondaville Avatar

    Good one, Kelli, so subtle! 😉

  3. Omprakash naman Avatar

    Superb sir. I don’t have words to describe it.
    naman salutes you!

  4. Mark Kodama Avatar
    Mark Kodama

    Great story, Kelli.

  5. Mark Kodama Avatar
    Mark Kodama

    Another great story Brandy.

  6. Jay Mehta Avatar
    Jay Mehta

    Mark Kodama has a wonderful knack of pulling the reader right into his story settings. A great story, expertly narrated.

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