Volume 2 Issue 4: Red

Red Mantle with Baboon

Andriana Minou

The sound of shattering glass is coming from the kitchen. The hamadryas baboon, also known as the scribe of the gods, the one that weighs the hearts of the dead, is almost my height, covered with soft silver fur. When I walk in, I find mother on the phone, cooking. She has probably called the emergency cooking helpline. I’m looking for cumin but the cupboards are a mess, spices are scattered all over, half the jars are broken, the baboon has mixed everything up, but when I tell mother she won’t believe me. When I manage to find it, it’s too late for cumin.

The baboon is standing next to me, docile, rubbing his snout on my face but his moves are somewhat erratic and abrupt, so I’m not sure whether he is being affectionate or he’s about to attack. Father says he’s going somewhere and then he’ll come by to pick us up for the wedding. I look all over the house for a red mantle to wear at the wedding, which will take place at an ancient amphitheatre and I am to introduce the ceremony along with the baboon. I will read a poem and at the end I will throw my red mantle up in the air just to annoy the guests, who will love to hate me. But I can’t find the red mantle anywhere. I go out, holding the baboon by the hand, and it’s raining. We walk all the way to the crossroads to wait for father, who is about to show up, dressed in his Sunday suit in a large jeep. We stand in the rain hand in hand and I notice that I am wearing a pair of denim shorts and a white undershirt. We are soaking wet. I’m thinking, how am I to turn up at the wedding like this? These raindrops don’t roll; my skin seems to be absorbing them. By the time I leave this place, I will be all swollen with rain.


Andriana Minou is a writer/musician based in London. Her writing has been published in several anthologies and literary journals in Greece, the UK, Canada and the US. She has published three books in Greek with Strange Days Books. Her experimental novella, Hypnotic Labyrinth has been published by Verbivoracious Press, while her latest book, The Fabulous Dead is under publication by Kernpunkt Press, New York. She also writes librettos, song lyrics, and texts for performances that have been presented around the world. For more info you may pay a visit to her website http://www.andrianaminou.com

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