Volume 2 Issue 6

The first thing I noticed about…

In this issue, writers were asked to use this very leading phrase to launch their stories. The stories this issue are doubled in length, resulting in six juicy stories to satisfy your reading appetite. Enjoy!

(2) Sonya by Kelli J Gavin
(3) Daily Routine by Louis Kasatkin
(4) To Tell the Truth by Copper Rose
(5) Mismatched by Henry Bladon
(6) Reality Show, live! by Sunil Sharma
(7) Resurrecting Shelly by Dawn DeBraal

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


5 responses to “Volume 2 Issue 6”

  1. Diane Thrasher-Staats Avatar
    Diane Thrasher-Staats

    I think she’s related to S. King!

  2. Sangeeta Sharma Avatar
    Sangeeta Sharma

    Beautiful story…touching your soul and narrating the indifference of the modern human beings towards their own species!

  3. Sangeeta Sharma Avatar
    Sangeeta Sharma

    Quite a dramatic ending!It just shakes you out of your stupor with its unusualness….excellent!!!

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