Volume 2, Issue 7: Heat


Kelli J Gavin

“I was having fun and laughing with my kids. And then I was laying on the ground screaming. Thank you for that numbing cream. It is helping.” Jared began to explain to the Emergency Room Nurse. 

“Don’t you worry honey. The Dr. Perkins will be in soon and will fix you up right quick.” Nurse Janet reassured Jared.

“I handed one to each of my kids. I thought they were all either roasting marshmallows or were busy eating them. I should have told them to make sure they were all pointing into the fire when not being used rather than just thrown on the ground.” Jared lamented.

There was a brief rap at the door as it flew open quickly. “Son, has no one ever told you not to walk around a fire without shoes on? I saw your whole family is wearing shoes. Your wife is in an absolute panic in the waiting room.”  

Dr. Perkins sat down in the chair and comically rolled across the floor to Jared sitting on the examination table. Jared winced repeatedly when Dr. Perkins poked around with his gloved hands at the raw tissue on the bottom of his left foot. 

“Well, you haven’t broken the skin, but that is a mighty fine burn there, son. Are you sure that one of your kids or even your wife didn’t place that rod of fire on the ground just for you to step on it? Have you made the Missus upset lately?” Dr. Perkins chuckled at his own joke and Jared was so confused.

“What? You think my wife or my kids purposely tried to hurt me?” Jared asked in disbelief.

“Janet, do you remember my first wife, Rhonda? Rhonda would flip out when she thought I did something wrong and would leave crap on the stairs hoping I would trip and fall. Sure you didn’t do something to deserve this? No. Ha! I am just joking with you, son. I am going to wrap this. Your job is to keep it clean, apply the ointment we gives you and watch for infection. Follow up with your doctor if anything gets worse. And please, wear shoes the next time you decide to roast marshmallows!” Dr. Perkins stood, nodded at Jared and was out the door just as quickly as he had entered. 

“Is he always that odd?” Jared asked Nurse Janet.

“Honey, the other nurses and I just smile and nod and never engage in conversation with him. He is a great doctor, just an absolute tool.” Jared laughed when Nurse Janet admitted this fact. 

Jared hobbled into the waiting room and smiled at his wife Sharon who wouldn’t meet his eye. “Sorry babe. Wear shoes next time, okay?” Jared starred at Sharon who walked ahead with the kids.

“Sharon, you did it on purpose just so I would wear shoes outside and not track dirt in the house!” 

Sharon’s silence was louder than any words she could have spoken. 


Kelli J Gavin lives in Carver, Minnesota with Josh, her husband of an obscene amount of years and they have two crazy kids. She is a Writer, Professional Organizer and owns Home & Life Organization. You can find her work with The Inner Circle Writers’ Group, The Ugly Writers, Sweatpants & Coffee, Writing In a Woman’s Voice, The Writers Newsletter, Writer’s Unite!, Zombie Pirate Publishing, Academy of the Heart and Mind, The Rye Whiskey Review, Spillwords, Mercurial Stories, 121 Words, Hickory Stump, HerStry, Southwest Media, Otherwise Engaged, Story Pub, and The New Ink Review, among others.  

Find Kelli on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KelliJGavin
Blog found at kellijgavin.blogspot.com

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  1. happy to see my name by the side of master storytellers across the globe. thank you Sunil Sharma for encouraging us .grateful to the editor of this beautiful flash magzine for my inclusion.

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