Volume 3 Issue 1: The 1950s

Red Dawn

Mark Kodama

Communists. Damn Communists. That is why I am running for president. Communists in the State Department; communists in the military and even in Hollywood. Joe McCarthy was right. And then they got him.
I used to like Hollywood movies until I found out about all them socialist directors, screenwriters and actors. Socialism ain’t natural. Now capitalism that’s natural. Every man for himself. Survival of the fittest.
Bogart and Bacall; Lucille Ball; the Hollywood Ten. Stalinists, Troskyites and Marxists. Gary Cooper testifying before the House Unamerican Activities Committee.
Communists are not on the level. Some times you cannot use logic but must go with your gut, even when facts say otherwise.
Richard Nixon. Now, there is a leader we can trust. An American hero. He is a man as honest as the day is long. Hell, I’d even vote for his dog Checkers if he were running for public office.
Outside the sky is blue as white wisps of clouds cast their shadows on the trees, geraniums in the garden. Mrs. McGinty is being wheeled on the walkway that winds through the garden. You know God made everything. We need to go back to our halcyon days when we were all Christians and went to church. All these damn atheists and immigrants with their ching-chong languages are ruining this country. You can’t even understand them.
We lost the Korean War because of that damn Truman. We should have listened to General MacArthur and bombed communist China to the stone age while we had the chance. First Russia, then China and Korea like dominoes falling behind the iron curtain. Now they are in Cuba and Southeast Asia. They will soon be in Texas.
And the media: why they are controlled by the Jews and Communists. That Edward R. Murrow. I used to like him when he broadcasted from London. But now he too is a communist. Part of the news media. Your know the Jews control the new media. Just a bunch of propagandists. Why did we fight Hitler anyways? Only to be lied to by our own journalists.
The doctors say I am delusional, paranoid. Just because I think someone is afternoon makes me crazy. I’m as sane as the next man.
“Mr. Sherzy, time for your pills,” a large orderly Johnson said. A black man. Brown v. Board of Education. Jackie Robinson. The next thing you know they will be demanding equal rights. This is America where the white man rules. The good all US of A.
“Mr. Sherzy . . . Paul . . . It is time for you pills,” Johnson said.
“Okay,” I said. I smiled.
I’m going to have to pick a running mate soon. Nixon. I wonder if Nixon would consider being my running mate.


Mark Kodama is a trial attorney and former newspaper reporter who lives in Washington, D.C. . He is working on Las Vegas Tales, a work of philosophy, told through poems and stories. His 100 short stories, poems and essays have been published in anthologies, literary magazines and journals.

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