Volume 1 Prompt 30

What was that? Just there out of the corner of your eye? Was it the girl you have a crush on, looking your way? Was it your husband, checking illicit text messages? Was there something there in the shadows, waiting for you to pass? Your partner checking his gun before getting out of the patrol … More Volume 1 Prompt 30

Week 27: Prompt

Hello there. This week’s prompt is brought to you by regular contributor Sunil Sharma. To quote him directly (so you can get the full feel of the prompt): The Voice Heard on a bus, train, tram; or radio show or on phone or an ad on TV. Voice that leaves one mesmerized! So have at … More Week 27: Prompt

Week 25: Prompt

Welcome to week 25. This week’s prompt requires a little research. What happened on this day in the year you were born? (“This day” being the day you write the story.) My suggestion is to look at the headlines and go from there. Like for instance, on September 10th, 1979 Cleveland began bussing students, arson … More Week 25: Prompt

Week 24: Prompt

A little late this week because, well, Mondays. Yesterday was a bit more tiresome than usual due to my classes starting up again and the fact that I am from Jacksonville. It has given me a lot to think about, regarding gun rights and violence and racial disparity. I will write about it elsewhere but … More Week 24: Prompt