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Louis Kasatkin

“My sweetheart!”, that random thought arced across the empty horizon of his mind illuminating its dark corners like the flashbulb of a paparazzi camera.

He saw you there, there in the magazine; there on stage; there on the screen.

Pristine, immaculate: in black and white and in full glossy color. You filled his eyes, sparkled and dazzled them in black and white and in full glossy.

The hire car had taxed his already somewhat meagre budget that he’d calculated would be sufficient to draw this adventure to a successful conclusion. But it was a necessary investment, after all, anything even moderately inferior in style and quality than this latest model Porsche would raise furtive eyebrows here on the Boulevard Saint Michel. And raised furtive eyebrows might become inquisitive- inquisitive as to what some tawdry, budget-conscious vehicle was even doing parked in this pristine, immaculate area.

Pristine, immaculate – his thoughts strayed – just like your form, your shape. Sweet..heart! A form, a shape so casually, lazily represented as if painted by Michelangelo in an age of beauty and mystery.

The mystery he would soon reveal as no mystery at all. The bouquets, the chocolates, the cards, the jewellery: all delivered by high-end corporate business couriers and now on this very special, this unique occasion, Valentine’s Day, no more intermediaries would be necessary.

He sees you now. Pristine. Immaculate. Leaving your fancy apartment here on the Boulevard Saint Michel, you are alone; you are pristine; you are immaculate.

He reaches for the syringe and steps out to meet you. “Sweetheart!”


Louis Kasatkin is Founder of the UK based Destiny Poets and Editorial Head Honcho at A lifelong political and community activist, using google will uncover all the other stuff you need to satisfy your prurient curiosity about him.

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