Volume 1 Issue 28: Fire

We have five elemental stories this week, each ablaze with intensity and searing with imagination. This week’s contributors include Kira, Sunil Sharma, Jenna Mason Stay, Kelli J Gavin, and Francine Witte. Warm yourself with these glowing stories of passion, loss, adventure, connection, desire, and fear. Fire Fall Kira Have you ever felt like one of … More Volume 1 Issue 28: Fire

Week 27: Prompt

Hello there. This week’s prompt is brought to you by regular contributor Sunil Sharma. To quote him directly (so you can get the full feel of the prompt): The Voice Heard on a bus, train, tram; or radio show or on phone or an ad on TV. Voice that leaves one mesmerized! So have at … More Week 27: Prompt