Volume 1 Prompt 30

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What was that?
Just there out of the corner of your eye? Was it the girl you have a crush on, looking your way? Was it your husband, checking illicit text messages? Was there something there in the shadows, waiting for you to pass? Your partner checking his gun before getting out of the patrol car to investigate a strange man, laying on the sidewalk? A moth fluttering around a streetlamp?

This week, dear readers, I want you to look at what you cannot see directly. Explore your character’s peripheral vision, what is possible to discern and how they infer that sideways information.

As always, 500 words or less due by Thursday at 8 pm EST.


Week 13: Jokes: Playlist

Here’s your weekly audio-inspiration. This time we have some Bob Dylan, The Smiths, Elvis Costello, and Barbra Streisand. Looking forward to seeing what sort of jokes are anchoring your stories this week.

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