Week 20: Prompt

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Turns out, if you Google “small town”, my hometown is right there on top.

I look forward to seeing your stories and if you have any suggestions for tomorrow’s playlist, add it in the comments.

Week 19: Prompt: Oh, those summer nights…

untitled(15)Hi there.

Well, now that we got off to a terrific start, let’s keep the (flash fiction) party going.

This week’s prompt is SUMMER NIGHT(S), inspired by the heat wave that is baking my adopted homeland right now.

As always, 500 words or less submitted by Thursday at 8 pm EST to mercurialstories@gmail.com. And please include a short bio with your story along with any website/social media links you wish.

I look forward to reading your stories!

Oh, by the way, I am considering doing a small print of the best stories (nominated by the public then blind judged by a small panel of readers). What do you think of this idea? Let me know in the comments or by sending me a message at the email address above.

No. 11: Prompt

Hello and welcome to our eleventh week of flash fiction writing here at Mercurial Stories. This last weekend I bought a mood ring, a thin band that changes colors with my mood (okay, really it is my body temperature but it’s still pretty and entertains my students and children). I was fascinated by mood rings when I was a little child, believing it to be a real stone capable of shifting colors like the horse from the Wizard of Oz (also thought that was real).
There is something about remembering your past wonder that is intriguing so for this week’s prompt, I want you to remember something that you used to believe in as a child and write around that. You can write about your disillusionment or not but try to use your own personal, prior belief in something magic, something ridiculous (like how I used to think there was an American Indian tribe living in Walt Disney World- I was absolutely gullible). And then, like always, let the story go where it wants.

As always, 500 or less words due by Thursday 8 pm EST. Submit using whatever format suits you to mercurialstories@gmail.com.
The playlist will be up tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing your stories. Now let’s get cracking.

Prompt No. 4 “Blue” Playlist

This week’s playlist features Miles Davis, Soley, Lana Del Rey, The Who and many more wonderful sounds that bring the word “blue” to life.
Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and I am extending the deadline this week by one day. Mainly to give myself a chance to catch up. Happy writing.

Prompt Nº 3

This week, our prompt is:


They can be any sort of troll(s). Norweign, Russian, whatever you like. Just include troll(s) in your story.

Remember, 500 words sent to mercurialstories@gmail.com by Thursday.

And if you can, remember to share our project with your friends. The more participants we get, the more reading we get to do come Friday.

Thanks so much and happy writing!

P.S. Be sure to drop by here on Tuesday evening for a weekly playlist designed to help you get those words on the page.


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