Week 21: Prompt

Hello and welcome to Week 21! So this week,  I want you to use a nonsense word in your story but do not define it directly. Rather, let the explanation be in the context. For example: “Hank, grab the sannibroet!” “No, Martha, I really don’t think it has come to that. I mean, look at … More Week 21: Prompt

Week 20: Prompt

Turns out, if you Google “small town”, my hometown is right there on top. I look forward to seeing your stories and if you have any suggestions for tomorrow’s playlist, add it in the comments.

Week 17: Prompts

In this week’s news we saw a tragedy of four people killed while dining early in the morning at a Waffle House. Watching/reading the coverage, the aspect that struck me was how fixated everyone was on the nudity of the shooter. There are many bizarre details to this story but his nakedness is definitely ranking … More Week 17: Prompts

Week 16: Prompt

Hi there and welcome to week 16. This week the focus is on the structure of your story. I want you to write your story in the form of either a text message or an email (or series of emails). Try to make it unpredictable or unexpected. Dismiss the first three ideas that came to … More Week 16: Prompt

Week 14/15: Prompt

Hi there. For the next two weeks, I will be busy with other projects so I have decided to do something different here. I am going to double the amount of words and time you have. 1000 words due April 12th, 8 pm EST. Send to the usual place: mercurialstories@gmail.com. And the prompt, which seems … More Week 14/15: Prompt